~~*~~beCaUSe i mISs u So mUcH My dEAr..~~*~~

always under exactly the same sky..
always exactly the same day..
other than u not being here..
there's nothing different at all..
i just want to smile..
i want to forget everything..
just like absolutely nothing has happened..
smiling to live my days..
miss u
i miss u so much..
because i miss u so much..
every day
all by myself..
cailing and cailing u
want to see u..
i want to see u..
because i want to see u so much..
now it's like have this habit..
i keep cailing out your name..
it's the same day..
i thought i'd let go..
not leaving anything behind..
no, no now i still 
can't let u go..
miss u..
i miss uso much....
every day 
it feels like i'm gonna die..
what should i do..
love u..love u..
i love u..
i hadn't even spoken the words..
i just let u go..
sorry i'm sorry
do you hear my words..
my late confession 
can u hear it?
 I LOVE U.. ^_^ 


" Sweet ! Apabila Aisya Ieyka Menaip Entry =)) "

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