~~*~~you've fAllEn fOr Me...~~*~~

lagu ni tuk orang yang paling ika sayang...
harap seseorang tu akan memahami..hehehe

everything about us started coincidentally..
at first i didn't know that this was going to be love but to think that this was actually love..
my heart keeps on going thump..thump.
when u look at me..
u keep on smiling without u even noticing..
and before u even realized 
u started to fall for me..
u've fallen for me..
u melted because of my sweet love..
u've fallen for me..
fallen for me..
u've fallen for the look in my eyes,,
see my eyes (u've fallen for me)
guess love always comes like faith or destiny
as it a sudden rain has passed by and soaked me
to think that this was love..
when u close your eyes
the face keeps on appearing..
when u notice your face with blushes
before your feelings realized
u've fallen in love with me..

" Sweet ! Apabila Aisya Ieyka Menaip Entry =)) "

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